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We do it all...

IKEA kitchens
Adjust doors
Copper piping
Laminate floors
Vinyl floors
Hardwood floors
All drywall
Faucet installs
Toilet installs
Sink installs
Water damage
Kitchen cabinets
Trim work + molding
Door installs
Locks & knobs
Weather proofing
Leaky taps & pipes
Hang anything
Mould removal
Basement finishing
BBQ assembly
Garbage removal
Sound proofing
Drywall repair
Call or email to get a Price Guaranteed quote

Call and explain the problem or job. If the job isn't one listed in our price list, we'll give you a custom quote and tell you what materials (if any) might be involved.


We'll set a time and date and arrive. We stress our absolute professionalism. We've built our business on it. We take pride in your home.

We arrive within a guaranteed time slot, and work

We do what needs to be done. Have all your materials? Great. We'll come and work. Need materials picked up? We can do that. Don't have tools, no problem, we have them all. 


We have built our business on you getting your money's worth. 


Want to watch us work? No problem. Most of our business comes from referrals because people simply know they're getting value from our work.

Use debit, or credit card to pay 

We are the experts. We know how long things should take and we pass that expertise and piece of mind on to you with our no-hassle transparent price list.


At the end of the day, we just add up the items and you can pay right on the spot.

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