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Price Guaranteed Quotes:

Stop paying people by the hour, not knowing how long they'll take and how much you'll pay. We have done all these jobs countless times before and know how long it should take. And our rates start at just $20 per item!


Give us a call right now and we will tell you right away exactly how much the job will cost. Price Guaranteed.


Laminate floors
Vinyl floors
Hardwood floors
All drywall
IKEA kitchens
Adjust doors
Copper piping
Faucet installs
Toilet installs
Sink installs
Water damage
Kitchen cabinets
Trim work + molding
Door installs
Locks & knobs
Weather proofing
Leaky taps & pipes
Hang anything
Mould removal
Basement finishing
BBQ assembly
Garbage removal
Sound proofing
Drywall repair
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